Below are the some of the websites relevant to Post-Reformation Wall Paintings.  We work closely with many of these projects and researchers:

Wall Painting

Dr Ellie Pridgeon’s Medieval Wall Painting Website:

The University of Leicester History of Art Department’s Seven Deadly Sins Website, researched and compiled by Dr Miriam Gill:

Roger Rosewell’s Medieval Wall Painting Website:

Anne Marshall’s Medieval Wall Painting Website:

Churches Conservation Trust Wall Painting Project:

Lakenheath Wall Paintings Project:

Mills-Kronborg Collection of Danish Church Wall Paintings:


Church Art and Architecture

Cameron Newham’s Digital Atlas of England:

Church Monuments Society:

Monumental Brass Society:

Norfolk Medieval Graffiti Survey:

Vidimus (the online stained-glass magazine edited by Roger Rosewell and Anna Eavis):

CVMA (Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi):

TASC (The Transnational Database and Atlas of Saints’ Cults compiled Dr Graham Jones):

Jon Cannon’s Blog on Medieval Churches:

Dr Alex Fried’s Medieval Art in Sweden Website:


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